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What We Do


In preparing our children to be leaders, NOM is more determined than ever to uphold the rich history of our charter mothers. The chapter consistently demonstrates hard work, love for our children and a strong commitment to our community that results in significant accomplishments. Each month, our young people anticipate and flourish in the activities planned for them.

The Program Committee leads the chapter’s activities and events to fulfill the objectives of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Under the leadership of the program director the committee ensures that the chapter adheres to the national and regional programming theme and guidelines. The committee also plans annual chapter wide activities and programs designated by Jack and Jill.

Leadership Development

A major focus for NOM is teen leadership development, volunteer service, financial literacy, civic involvement, and legislative advocacy. Our teens participate in leadership development activities and workshops to develop their visions and set goals while understanding the necessary skills required to effectively lead in a constantly changing society. Our teens are civically engaged and learn how to actively serve to make a difference locally and nationally.

Programming for our children creates an environment that fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation. We focus on helping our children leverage their leadership, creativity and increase their confidence in their own abilities.

Community Service

NOM mothers, children and teens demonstrate their commitment to serving wherever the organization calls. The Service Committee identifies service projects that meet the requirements set forth by the National and Regional body and works with local organizations to identify how the chapter can assist with meeting the needs of children in the community.

Past programming has included support for: Meals on Wheels; Gleaners; Pontiac Library Reading Corner; Souper Bowl of Caring; Jack and Jill Foundation.

Fundraisers have included: Real Housewives of Jack and Jill (2013,2015); Uncorked (2016); Mystique (2017)

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